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Take a Seat Trade fair stand

"Pure Sitting" stands for maximum comfort at Intertime, perfect ergonomic seating forms, intelligent processing of materials and a clear and timeless design.

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A fabric surface extends diagonally across the room. The visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the cloth and to engage in various seating positions and postures. Hidden behind the cloth seating could not be more different. They should make the broad sitting area noticeable in an unexpected way. Either with a soft pillow shell, a hard bench, a typical office chair or another, rather unexpected seating.

Client: Intertime AG, Endigen AG
Location, Year: Designers’ Saturday, Langenthal BE, 2012
Task: project management, conception, project planning, execution planning, realisation
Concept in collaboration with: Benny Mosimann, Design Studio, Bern
Photos: Martin Birrer Design

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