2017 Artist in Residence, Paris

In his work at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Martin Birrer focused on photographic research on the theme space in an urban context.

2012 Red Dot Award

Nan, Relax Armchair, Intertime
The compact construction of the Relax Armchair distinguishes the design.

2003 Nomination for the Golden Plug, Switzerland

Circle, Lumess, Lighting producer, Basel
The Light Circle is chosen for its use of the light bulb

2000 Participation in the SMI Swiss Furniture Fair
International competition, Zürich, and selected for the Exhibition

Concept study wooden deck (prototype)
The selected timber deck is made from a plywood surface.

1999 Promotional Award from the Bernese Design Foundation

Exhibition design
Excellence in the field of commitment to Exhibition design.

1999 Selection for the exhibition "Perspectives" at the Wohnsinn, Basel

Concept study Clip brochure holder (prototype)
The magazine holder clip uses the elasticity of the steel springs to hold the magazines in place.

1998 1st Prize in the competition for the playground design in Hergiswil b. Willisau

The playground with a water feature was implemented in 1999.

1993 Award from the SDA Swiss Design Association

The concept of a mobile exhibition system is excellent.

Publications and Press (selection)

Design Fair Year Book 2011

Editor: Karin Schulte
Project: Sewing thread Symphony
On Designers' Saturday, Intertime furniture manufacturers presented a lounge inviting one to be seated where one can relax to a soundtrack production and music elements.

Design Fair Year Book 2005

Editor: Karin Schulte
Project: Rustling Leaves
Büro Fürrer Office Design presented a creation of forest leaves on Designers' Saturday.

Design Fair Year Book 2003

Editor: Karin Schulte
Project: Strip Tension
Büro Fürrer Office Design on Designers' Saturday presented a cube wrapped with ribbons and plays with interiors and exteriors.

Big Ideas for Small Stands 2002

Publisher: Ingrid Wenz - Gahler
Project: relaxing in the rocking chair
The fair presentation "relaxing in rocking chair" from MediaparX AG, Berne, creates a singular calming effect on the Internet
Fair Zurich.

Design Fair Year Book 2001

Editor: Karin Schulte
Project: Coloured water container
Dornbracht, manufacturer of fittings, Germany, presented quality fittings swimming in a fragrant bath of petals at the Designers' Saturday.

since 1993

several articles in professional journals, Sunday and weekly newspapers

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