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Dornbracht Trade fair stand

An international brand dares to be experimental.

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Flying waterjugs formed out of aromatic half-transparent soap associate deep water, snatched-up dreams and crystalline worlds. A spacious installation is created by means of a large number of these objects fashioned from soap. The partially ancient jug forms are found in illustrations of ancient bathing scenes which are utilized as spatially organizing and exhibition structuring elements. The aroma of the soaps fill the air, inviting dreams, awakening memories and opening spaces.

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Client: Dornbracht Fixtures Factory, Iserlohn, Germany
Location, Year: Designers' Saturday, Langenthal BE, 2008
Task: project management, conception, project planning, execution planning, realisation
Artistic co-operation: Ruth Amstutz
Realisation of soap receptacles: Ruth Amstutz and Bruno Fischer
Photos: Martin Birrer Design

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