MartinBirrerDesign BueroFuerrer 01 Martin Birrer Design Bern

Rustling Leaves Trade fair stand

Everyday office sounds were used for composing the musical sequences which accompany the visitors through the installation.

MartinBirrerDesign BueroFuerrer 05 Martin Birrer Design Bern
MartinBirrerDesign BueroFuerrer 04 Martin Birrer Design Bern

A plain sheet of white paper, an integral component of all offices, presented as the central design element in this trade fair exhibition. Visitors experience this accessible installation as a kind of visual composition.

Client: Büro Fürrer, office Design
Location, Year: Langenthal BE, 2004
Task: project management, conception, project planning, execution planning, realisation
Audio: Stefan Arnold, Outline4, Bern
Photos: Martin Birrer Design

MartinBirrerDesign BueroFuerrer 02 Martin Birrer Design Bern
MartinBirrerDesign BueroFuerrer 03 Martin Birrer Design Bern
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