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Cosmos Wetlands Permanent exhibition

The diversity of the wetlands and their biodiversity have inspired us to create a mural composed of 220 animals and plants.

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The exhibition "cosmos wetlands" focuses on the complex habitats of a wetland landscape. An abstract river course chronologically tells the story of the renaturation of the Thur. On a 46-meter long wall illustration visitors can discover countless animals and plants at home in the wetlands and learn more about them. Two room-size installations invite visitors to immerse themselves in the sensuous landscape. The various approaches of the exhibition ensure that it will be of interest to a wide range of the public. The exhibition has been expanded with two nature trails leading through the wetlands landscape.

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Client: PanEco, Institute for sustainable development and intercultural exchange
Location, Year: Nature Centre Thurauen in Flaach, canton of Zurich, 2012
Task: project management, conception, content involvment, project planning, execution planning
Content: Christine Hurni, Bern
Audio: Christine Wyss, Bern
Photos: Martin Birrer Design

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