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Swiss Press Photo Award Travelling exhibition

Portraits, moving events and moments of destiny larger than life face the visitors – world events at your fingertips.

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Within the framework of the overall presentation, a new exhibition concept for the annual Swiss Press Photo Awards has been developed. The new concept places the photography at the centre of attention. By means of a generous presentation of the photographs, the observer has the feeling of being drawn into the images. With the help of lightboxes spread out vertically, horizontally or lying about in the room, image themes can be brought to life.

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Client: Fondation Reinhard von Graffenried
Location, Year: Swiss National Museum, Zurich and Prangins VD, Käfigturm, Bern; Kulturzentrum, Locarno, every year since 2012
Task: project management, conception, project planning, execution planning, realisation
Graphic concept and design in cooperation with: Gerhard Blättler, Bern
Photos: Martin Birrer Design GmbH

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