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Nice and clean Special exhibition

Soap bubbles that cross the room...

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The first traditions of soap making date back to the Babylonian period. The visitors* first enter a room that makes reference to the cleansing ritual in the Orient. Here different soaps can be tried out. At a fountain you wash your hands and enter another world.

In the central installation one encounters a huge mobile, which is an abstract realisation of the soap bubbles that serves to present the themes. The mirrors play with the reflection and one's own mirror image, allowing visitors* to become part of the exhibition. Quotations refer to the different themes of cultural history and on the platforms below the valuable objects can be discovered.

Along the old window front, which manifests the original character of the soap factory, the history of the Lenzburg soap factory is told with old black and white photographs. In a further room you can gain insight into the attractive world of early advertising posters. You can conclude by making your own soap in the soap laboratory.

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Client: Museum Burghalde Lenzburg
Location: Old soap factory Lenzburg
Tasks: concept, project planning, implementation planning
Photos: Martin Birrer Design GmbH

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