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Neophytes Special exhibition

The dangerous sides of these plants are creatively incorporated into the concept with neon-colored cages.

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The garden exhibition “Garden and Bio-diversity without invasive Neophytes” presents eleven garden concepts with native plants. Neophytes are informed on and sensitized to the problematic aspects of alien plant species by means of exhibition columns erected by the Canton of Zurich.

Each neophyte plant is exhibited in a latticed room. The rubber ropes are elastic and can be easily set into motion by children, for example. This dynamic element allows a playful approach to the theme. A thematically fitting “Globi track” complements the exhibition, even for the youngest visitors.

Customer: Gardeners' Association of the Canton of Zurich
Location: Allmend in Dietikon
Tasks: concept, project planning, implementation planning
Photos: Martin Birrer Design GmbH

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