MartinBirrerDesign Bestform 01

Bestform Special exhibition

A new colour scheme and new composition of the basic modules each year, allow an individual presentation and, at the same time, a high recognition factor.

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MartinBirrerDesign Bestform 03

The Bernese Design Foundation supports designers in the form of project grants and other supportive measures. The selected projects are presented as part of the yearly exhibition "Bestform" in the Kornhausforum Bern. An exhibition concept was developed which accommodates the various needs of the designers. The basic neutral modules consist of platforms or display cases, which can be set up individually or combined together. Various presentation aids support these basic modules.

MartinBirrerDesign Bestform 09
MartinBirrerDesign Bestform 07

Client: Bern Design Foundation
Location, Year: Bern, 2005–2011
Task: project management, conception, project planning, execution planning, realisation
Visual Communication: Benny Mosimann, Design Studio, Bern
Photos: Martin Birrer Design

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